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Product Introduction

Haenaroo fermented solution of Dangjin is!

produced from 12 different ingredients fermented in traditional crocks through a rigorously managed quality control process of natural fermentation and maturation during which ‘silk amino acid’ is added and absorption level is increased.
Our product increases the number of good bacteria and reduces the number of harmful bacteria within your intestine through probiotics microorganism cultivated through fermentation process thereby strengthening your immune system and ability to heal naturally.
Our product is certified by FDA and ISO 22000 internationally.

FDA certified · ISO 22000 certified

FDA certified · ISO 22000 certified

Human life is part of nature.

“The further mankind is away from Mother Nature, the closer we are to illness.”

  • Haenaroo Solution (720ml x 2)
  • Protect your health with Haenaroo fermented extract naturally fermented from 12 different ingredients that facilitate detoxification and strengthen immune system

    Haenaroo Solution (720ml x 2)
    Retail Price: 36,000 won

Fermentation is a process of dissolving organic substance through enzymes of fermented microorganism.

By applying natural fermentation, the active ingredient (medical properties from herbs) of the raw material and antioxidant can be easily extracted, and in particular, the oxygen free radical scavenging effect improves by 20 times (Reference: Studies conducted by Dept. of Oriental Medicine Resources, Jeonbuk National University)Also, it has an important function of producing new active ingredients and dissolving toxicity that cannot be known through natural fermentation.
Also, since it uses wild yeast that is attached to the raw material to induce fermentation, it uses sugar as food for the microorganism.
But in the process of fermentation not only does cane sugar, which is the main ingredient of sugar, completely transforms into fructose or glucose, through its natural fermentation process, abundant fermented nutrients that are good for our body are produced, so it has a balanced composition of high quality nutritional ingredients.
In particular, it is rich in phytochemical which is a biological active peptide from plants, so by consuming the fermented solution, natural healing capacity can be enhanced, coupled with antioxidation activity, anticancer activity, detoxification activity, anti-inflammatory activity, and others.
It prevents cancers and aging, and is effective in enhancing the immunity to diseases.

Production Process

  • Original

  • Cleansing

  • Cutting

  • Fermentation
    1~5 months
  • Maturation (Cultivation)
    1~5 years
  • Internal Quality Assurance
    (Korea Food Research Institute)

  • Packaging

  • Delivery

“Haenaroo fermented solution is a fermented beverage produced through fermentation process of at least one year to five years under rigorously managed quality control in a hygienic manufacturing facility.

Fermented food is enzyme food

Haenaroo fermented solutionHaenaroo fermented solution is a top-quality mix of 12 types of fermented extract (purslane fermented solution, broccoli fermented solution, dropwort fermented solution, plum fermented solution, baby pine leaf fermented solution, onion fermented solution, grape fermented solution, peach fermented solution, hawthorn fermented solution, mugwort fermented solution, loofah fermented solution, ginseng berry fermented solution) of organic ingredients naturally fermented in traditional crocks improving your body’s ability to heal naturally.

It is recommended when
you have digestive problems
you are suffering from fatigue
before you sleep after overdrinking
you want to have a light meal to replace breakfast or dinner
you are considering fasting or eating less for weight loss
How to take?
Consume 30 minutes or 1 hour before your meal.
Taking 2~3 cups a day is advised mixing 3~5 cups of water or milk with 1 cup of Haenaroo fermented solution using the standard measurement included with the product.
If you are sensitive to substances, dilute the concentration by adding more water.
You can have up to 24 cups of 30cc with a bottle of 720ml Haenaroo
How to store?
Keep in room temperature before opening the bottle
Store in refrigerator and consume within a month after opening the bottle.
  • jar
  • How to take (measurement cup of 30ml)
    Light concentration 1:5 (cup)
    Medium concentration
    (for ideal taste)
    1:3 (cup)
    Dense concentration 1:2 (cup)

    Ration of (Solution): (Water)    

Vary from cold water, warm water and milk as well as the ratio according to your preference.
※ Store in refrigerator after opening the bottle

The wonder of natural enzyme of Haenaroo fermented solution of

12 extracts that improves your immune system and purifies your body.

  • Mugwort


  • Plum


  • Dropwort


  • Peach


  • Broccoli


  • Hawthorn


  • Baby pine leaf

    Baby pine leaf

  • Purslane


  • Loofah


  • Onion


  • Ginseng Berry

    Ginseng Berry

  • Grape


The Quality of Haenaroo fermented solution of 12 mixed fermented extracts of organic ingredients manufactured in hygienic facilities is guaranteed.

“World of alternative medicine that emphasizes life-long health”

Fermentation medicine that prevents illness through ability to heal naturally.


Dropwort Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
In oriental medicine, it called as hydrorhiza and oenanthe stolonifera. The leaves and stems are good for the antidote to toxins, bronchial and lungs, it also prescribed with other medicine.
High blood pressure, high fever, thirst, diuretics, edema, detoxification, phlegm, grottoes, lung diseases (strengthening of blood pressure, inhibiting activity of carcinogens, detoxification)


Baby Pine Leaf Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
In oriental medicine, it called as pinus densiflora. It helps to treat arthritis with other prescribed medicine.
Stress, arthritis, gout, maladies, back pain, anti-infection, pain (anti-inflammatory effect, anti-allergic effect)


Purslane Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
In oriental medicine, it called as portulaca oleracea. It helps to treat extravasated blood with other prescribed medicine.
extravasated blood, blood circulation, remove toxin, diuresis, parasite, detoxification, cadaveric alkaloid, swelling, arthritis, failing of eyesight (anti-cancer effect, anti-bacterial effect)


Peach Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
In oriental medicine, it called as seed of prunus persica batsch. When its petals were half-bloomed, the white dried petal is used it as diuretics with other prescribed medicine.
Cough, antitussive, expectorant, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, extravasated blood, constipation, pain (Nicotine detoxification effect, prevent bronchial contraction, soluble effect to hyperlipidemia.


Broccoli Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
anemia, anti-ageing, hemostatic effect, freckles (anti-cancer, peroxidizing effect, antioxidant)


Onion Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
Arteriosclerosis, Hyperlipimia, Angina, Myocardial Infarction, Stroke, Encephalomalacia, , Hypertension, Diabetes, Kidney Disease (Cholesterol Decomposition, Blood Electrocution)


Grape Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
Osteoporosis, diuretic, edema, blood circulation, arteriosclerosis, heart disease (detox, diuretic, hemolytic effect)


Plum Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
In oriental medicine, it often called as a smoked dry plum. It helps to treat stomach with other traditional medicine.
Food poisoning, indigestion, anemia, constipation, diarrhea, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, psychological stability, fever (Detoxification, enhances calcium absorption rate)


Hawthorn Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
In oriental medicine, this fruits often called as crataegus fruit. It helps to treats dyspepsia and extravasated blood with other traditional medicine.
Taeniacide, low back pain, sputum, dyspepsia, diarrhea (Blood pressure drop, antibacterial function effect, contraction effect)


Mugwort Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diabetes, removal of hangover, enhanced immune system (anti-cancer effect)


Loofah Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
Bronchitis infection, cough, asthma, cardiovascular, atopic (hepatic organs)


Ginseng Berry Fermented Solution (Usage and Efficacy)
Antioxidant effects, anti-cancer effects, prevention of diabetes, high-blood pressure, anti-ageing, revitalization

  • A liquid mixture of 12 ferments
  • sweet wormwood
  • plum
  • water celery
  • peach
  • broccoli
  • hawthorn
  • songsoon
  • purslane
  • sponge gourd
  • onion
  • ginseng fruit (ginseng berry)
  • grape

After taking fermented solution


Digestive Absorption
Facilitates absorption of nutrients by different organs


Discharges bodily waste through sweat and urine


Anti-bacterial effect
Improves immune system by activating cells and alleviating infections


Blood Purification
Dissolves toxins and impurities in blood maintaining healthy level of acidic balance in blood


Cell Regeneration
Strengthens cell metabolism replacing old cells with new cells


Improves liver health eliminating toxins

Life-saving Haenaroo solution

The first time you consume the Haenaroo fermented solution, you can experience a healing crisis described in the oriental medicine.If you are not feeling well in general, you may feel even worse.In the first 2 days of Haenaroo fasting you may experience severe headaches. If your skin condition is already bad, it may temporarily get worse. Also, you may experience red or black stool, but it does not happen to everyone equally, but it's a natural phenomenon.
It is a phenomenon that occurs when the body's fat and waste products are discharged into sweat and urine and stool.

When preparing the Haenaroo fermentation solution, use cool water below room temperature. Haenaroo fermented solution can degrade at a temperature above 50 ℃. The product is safe to drink even undiluted and has no side effects in case of an overdose.Haenaroo fermented solution is prepared through natural fermentation without heating. The liquid does not go through any kind of processing nor is it mixed with any artificial supplements. Hence, unlike other heated diluted beverages, its ingredients do not accumulate in the body or cause any harm, so you can drink it safely.